Mole Inspection Skin Cancer Marietta GA As the number of Americans diagnosed with skin cancer continues to rise, individuals need to know what to look for and when to see their dermatologist, particularly when facing the most deadly form — Melanoma. With no regard for age, race or gender, Melanoma is projected to affect over 178,000 Americans this year, with nearly 91,000 cases considered invasive, as reported by the Melanoma Research Foundation. Consider the following:

  • Melanoma is the leading cause of cancer deaths in young women ages 25-30 and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women ages 30-35.
  • The incidence of people under age 30 that are developing Melanoma is increasing faster than any other demographic group.
  • Each year, approximately 500 children are diagnosed with Melanoma.


Scalp Psoriasis


Dermatologists in Marietta GA for PsoriasisThough a common condition in which scaly, plaque-like patches appear on the head, scalp psoriasis ranges in severity from mild to severe, causing itching, flaking and even a burning sensation. Despite its strong prevalence among the U.S. population, however, scalp psoriasis is not fully understood.

The American Academy of Dermatology reports that psoriasis of the scalp tends to develop when a person’s immune system sends faulty signals to the body. In effect, skin cells on the scalp replicate too quickly. Thus, while a normal skin cell cycle takes a few weeks, skin cells in a person with scalp psoriasis develop within a few days. This affects the body’s ability to shed excess cells, and leads to the skin cells “piling up” on the scalp and forming scaly patches. (more…)