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Suspicious Skin Spots

Mole on Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, so taking care of your skin is crucial to your health. Almost everyone on the planet has a few freckles and at least one mole. These are benign skin discolorations, meaning they are non-cancerous and cause no problems. However, skin cancer is a very dangerous concern…

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Healthy Skin Snack Choices

Healthy Skin Marietta GA

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” While that does not mean that thin people will turn into a salad and obese people will turn into a pizza, it does mean that your body will reflect your eating choices. Many people forget that their skin is the largest organ of the body…

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Is Excessive Sweat Causing Embarrassment?

Excessive Sweating Marietta GA

Sweat is a natural part of life. The body was designed to release sweat as a means of cooling the body when it is overheated. Sweating during exercise is normal, and many people judge the quality of their workouts by how much sweat is pouring off their bodies when they are finished. Not everyone likes…

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The Most Innovative Botox® Cosmetic Treatments

Botox® Injections Marietta GA

Botox® Cosmetic treatments have been used since 1980 to provide a more youthful-looking appearance for people of all ages. Up until recently, Botox® Cosmetic treatments have been used to soften and treat facial frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. These injections work by temporarily disabling the muscles that create facial lines, helping to “erase”…

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Surprising Facts About Your Skin

Healthy Skin Marietta GA

Your skin is truly amazing. You may not give much thought to your skin, but that does not mean that it’s not working hard for you every minute of every day. Medically termed the Integumentary System, your skin is more than just a body covering for your bones, muscles, and organs. Your skin is actually…

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The Dangers of Tanning Beds

three young women friends walking along the beach

There are things many people do not like giving up as summer ends and colder weather sets in. Things like flip flops, late sunsets, and a relaxed schedule are hard to give up, but many people also hate giving up their sun-kissed skin. They enjoy having tanned skin, and they often think about getting a…

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Mascne: What It Is, and What You Can Do About It

Doctor Prognosis Marietta GA

2020 has negatively affected every person in America in one way or another. From food shortages, empty toilet paper aisles, and lockdowns, we have all felt the impact COVID-19 has caused us this year. Another way that millions of Americans have been affected is by the use of masks. Whether you are “pro-mask” or “anti-mask,”…

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Our Patient Reviews

Kayal Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists

4.9 / 5.0

Based on 183 reviews

Jennifer M.

First time ever at a dermatology office! So I was a little nervous... But they have a very friendly staff and it was nice meeting PA Joel! Felt comfortable and he was informative & made me feel like I wasn’t the only person dealing with my issue. I can’t wait to see some results and get some relief!!

Eve L.

Love this place! Everyone is so caring, and very helpful in each way possible. Highly recommend this place for skin care and even skin cancer!

Detlef K.

I’ve been going here awhile. I’ve got a few pesky issues, some due to my not allowing areas to completely heal, sins that prolongs my already glacier like speed healing! I really appreciate Dr. Kayal and Joel who combine to take of me and my family.

Michael V.

Was greeted upon my arrival, very nice waiting room, was taken back immediately. Very professional, caring and friendly staff. They want to help you. The PA Joel was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help me. I was given a prescription to address the problem. Will be back with other issues, keep up the good work.

Lisa W.

PA Brown is very attentive to my son's needs. I have not had any difficulty getting appointments when needed. I think this practice provides excellent service. I definitely recommend Kayal Dermatology for all of your skin needs.

Kevin S.

The nurse was great made me completely comfortable before biopsy’s and Dr Kayak was great explaining what’s going on, recommend very highly

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