Skin Cancer Screening

Most cancer sufferers have the highest chance of recovery when their cancer is detected early. Skin cancer sufferers, especially, have one of the highest survival rates despite this type of cancer also being one the most common medical conditions to develop. Screening is a process which allows medical professionals to detect the early signs and symptoms of cancer, so that treatment or surgical options are more likely to be effective. The frequency of screening depends on your likelihood to develop skin cancer. Some people are at risk to hereditary factors, whereas others are at risk from prolonged expose to the sun or UV light.

A skin cancer screening can detect both benign and malignant abnormalities or tumors. Cancers which form below the skin are undetectable to the naked eye, so skin cancer screening is often needed so that the cancer is prevented from spreading. There are various techniques used in cancer screening, such as biopsies or ultrasounds. As a specific group of cancers, skin cancer screening is best carried out by a qualified doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin related conditions. Misdiagnosis can lead to ineffective treatments or surgeries which could prove fatal.

Kayal Dermatology is a leading practice specializing in dermatology and conditions of the skin. Dr. Kayal is a respected and experienced surgeon, who has spent many years studying and treating every type of skin cancer. The facilities at Kayal Dermatology are state of the art. Dr. Kayal is dedicated to using only the most up to date and effective surgical techniques such as Micrographic Surgery. The aim of surgery is to completely remove any affected tissue while leaving healthy tissue intact. Due to Dr. Kayal’s precise surgery techniques, scarring is also significantly reduced. If you would like a screening for skin cancer, contact Kayal Dermatology today to arrange an appointment at your convenience.