Radiesse Injections

Are you looking for a younger, softer appearance to your face or hands? Radiesse injections may be the right cosmetic dermatology treatment for you. While there are many dermal fillers on the market, Radiesse works differently and offers longer, more sustained results than many other options. At Kayal Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists, we are excited to offer Radiesse injections to our patients that want a more youthful appearance without the downtime and expense of plastic surgery.

Radiesse injections are technically dermal fillers, yet they work differently than hyaluronic acid or collagen-based injections. Radiesse contains calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres suspended in a polysaccharide carrier. These tiny microspheres create a layer of support under the skin, while collagen forms to create a smoother, fuller look to the skin. The effects are both immediate and sustained, lasting up to two years in some cases. Radiesse has often been touted as the “liquid facelift”, especially when used in tandem with Botox.

When Is Radiesse the Right Treatment?

Radiesse is typically used to add volume to a face that has lost tone due to fat loss or aging. This injection can have similar results to fat grafting used in cheek lifts or to create facial contouring, without the added risk, downtime or expense of undergoing plastic surgery. Radiesse injections can be used on the face for both men and women to create a more youthful appearance or change the contour of the facial structure. It can also have a dramatic effect on smoothing hands that have become wrinkled with age.

If you want to plump your cheeks, enhance your chin or reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes, Radiesse injections may be the right choice for you. To find out the benefits of Radiesse as well as all the other cosmetic skin treatments we offer, contact our office in Marietta to schedule your personal consultation with one of our skin specialists.