Portrait PSR

Dramatically different. Clinically Proven.

With all of the new cosmetic procedures available on the market today, how do you decide what is best for you? How do you decide between aggressive treatment options or more low key options? Anyone that has ever been interested in cosmetic procedures has asked themselves these questions. The newest skin rejuvenation procedure available is the Portrait skin regeneration. This collagen regeneration product is the first and only treatment clinically proven to regenerate skin. This is not just another laser, the Portrait transfers nitrogen plasma energy to the architecture of the skin using a non-contact technique producing controlled, uniform regeneration of your skin.

This procedure is safe, effective and requires minimal downtime. There are two levels of treatment, a high level and low level. Your choice in levels depends on teh amount of down time that you have,m the amount of skin damage you have, and the results you would like to see. The higher level, double pass, high fluence, procedure takes around forty minutes to perform; you will be offered a light sedative to help you relax, and a topical numbing medication will also be applied to the treatment site thirty to forty minutes prior to the procedure. The Portrait is a non-contact procedure, which means that at no time during the procedure will the hand held wand touch your face. Throughout the procedure you will hear a “puff” of air, this is the nitrogen energy, and during the “puff’s” you might experience a localized sensation of heat. Once again, this is not a laser and does not require any type of eye protection, such as goggles or safety glasses. With the higher level of treatment most patients will need about five to seven days of down time, in which you relax and pamper yourself; during this down time you will have desquamation (peeling) of the skin. The peeling is the result that you want to see, under this peeling is your new fresh skin; with improved tone texture and clarity. The lower level procedure, single pass and low energy requires no down time, meaning you can have the procedure one day and go back to your normal activities the very next day. Your face or areas of treatment may be slightly pink but unlike the higher level the peeling is minimal.

What improvements should you expect?

The lower level procedure you should expect to see improvements in texture, tone, and reduction of fine wrinkles, this is all with no down time. This may be dramatic especially for fine lines, hooding, and redundancy of the eyelid area. The lower level can be performed on the full face or regional. Regional are simply “sections” of the skin in which you desire improving, such as the eyes, mouth, or forehead. A regional can be performed at high or low grade; it can involve multiple treatments up to four spaced four weeks apart. The high grade treatment you will see the same results as the lower grade however you will also see a reduction in deep wrinkles. For patients that do not have deeper wrinkles, but do have a significant amount of sun damage (freckles/sunspots) the higher level works extremely well.

What to expect post treatment?

At lower levels the skin will have some mild redness and flaking, which will last a few days during which you can wear makeup to cover up. At the higher levels, the outer layers of skin darkens and is shed in three to five days after the treatment; once this occurs, the redness of regenerated skin will last for two to three days. Localized redness may linger slightly in some patients. Shedding may take longer around the edges of the area treated.

How long does it take to see the results?

Improved texture and tone will be seen approximately 1-2 weeks after your first treatment. However, the unique advantages of the Portrait (PSR) are that it stimulates a natural process of collagen regeneration, producing results that progressively improve over time. Clinical studies with the Portrait show that this improvement progression continues for at least one year after treatment. Patients have noted progressive skin tightening especially around the eyes. Imagine seeing continual results after a cosmetic procedure for one year, no laser or peel can offer that continuous result.

How safe is the Portrait?

During clinical studies the Portrait showed an excellent safety profile. The studies show that there are not long periods of down time, scarring, hypopigmentation, or prolonged hyperpigmentation that can be associated with lasers or chemical peels.

Dr. Kayal is excited to offer the new Portrait PSR at his office, for a free cosmetic consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the Portrait, please call 770-426-7177