Paget’s Disease

Although Paget’s disease is typically associated with the bones, there are rare forms which affect the genitals and breasts. Due to the rarity of skin related Paget’s disease, only an expert in the fields of dermatology and skin cancer is likely to detect this medical condition in the early stages. General practitioners do not have the diagnostic tools or experience necessary to detect Paget’s disease, which could reduce your options for treatment or surgery. As one of the most accomplished Mohs surgeons in Atlanta, Dr. Kayal has researched and treated Paget’s disease with high success rates. By consulting with Dr. Kayal you will give yourself the best chance of receiving effective treatment for Paget’s disease. It is essential that treatment begins as early as possible, as surgical options become less effective if the condition is left untreated.

Paget’s Disease Treatment, Causes, & Symptoms

Symptoms of Paget’s disease present as legions around the glands of the nipples, anus or genitals. The condition is more common among postmenopausal women, however, men can also develop the condition. Sufferers may experience itching, burning sensations, or pain in the affected area. Paget’s disease is often caused by both invasive or adnexal malignancy. As such, the condition requires immediate attention to determine any underlying cause.

The most effective type of surgery is determined by whether there are tumors present under the skin. In the case of Paget’s disease affecting the breasts, removal of the areola and nipple followed up by a course of radiotherapy may suffice. At Kayal Dermatology, we aim to provide the best option for you with the view to leaving as much healthy tissue unaffected as possible. Dr. Kayal will discuss options with you and provide realistic outcomes based on the extent of the condition. You can be assured that you will receive the utmost respect and care by all members of the Kayal Dermatology family. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation reagrding Paget's Disease.