Microdermaplaning Treatment

Taking facial exfoliation to the next level, microdermaplaning is a safe, painless treatment designed to improve the appearance of skin by removing the top layers of dead skin using a fine, planing technique. Additionally, vellus hair, often called “peach fuzz” is removed, creating a softened, silky complexion.

Patients report an immediate improvement in skin texture and tone with the careful, professional use of a microdermaplaning scalpel in a 20-30 minute session. Yet, because this esthetician service is recommended every 4-6 weeks, long-term results boast increased skin cell turnover, leading to brighter, firmer skin with fewer wrinkles and pigmentation concerns. There is also a dramatic reduction in acne scarring over time.

Remove Excess Hair and Dead Surface Cells

While the idea behind microdermaplaning treatment is to exfoliate and lift dead surface cells that cause the skin to appear dull, the removal of hair is more beneficial than most realize. This is because tiny hairs on the face trap oil and bacteria, often leading to blemishes and inflammation. Thus, when removed, skin is more vibrant and refreshed. In turn, skin care products penetrate the skin better, not to mention other treatments and even make-up.

Microdermaplaning and Microdermabrasion

In regard to microdermaplaning, many wonder how it differs from microdermabrasion, and if it is a better treatment. To explain, while both procedures are aimed at similar aesthetic concerns, the manner in which they are performed are different.

A popular non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment, microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin using abrasive crystals that are “pressed” against the surface of the skin. In turn, microdermaplaning is performed on dry skin with a sharp dermatome blade, and involves small strokes of the razor in an upward motion along the surface of the skin. For this reason, microdermaplaning is considered a more aggressive form of exfoliation than its counterpart. Even so, microdermaplaning is safe (provided that the person performing it is properly trained and experienced), and is the ultimate in facial exfoliation and cell regeneration.

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