Lipoma are lumps of fatty tissue which form below the skin. The tumors are benign and vary in size. The tissue in lipoma tumors is soft and does not usually cause discomfort or pain. This type of fatty tumor can grow anywhere on the body where fat exists. Some of the most common areas, however, are the shoulders, neck, chest and back. The tumors are soft and pliant to the touch but will quickly reform back into shape. There is no consistency in the shape of lipoma tumors, they may present as a single or mass of lumps.

Lipoma Treatment and Removal

Regardless of whether a lump is bothering you or not, you should always consult with Dr. Kayal about this medical condition in order to have the lump confirmed as lipoma. For smaller lipoma tumors, a local anesthetic is used during surgery. However, larger tumors may require more intrusive surgical methods. No matter which surgical option is best for you, Dr. Kayal will use precision surgical procedures to reduce the amount of visible scarring. If after surgery the lipoma tumors return, immediately contact Kayal Dermatology as it may indicate the presence of a rare form of skin cancer--sarcoma.

What is a Fatty Tumor?

A fatty tumor, as the name suggests, is one which forms entirely from body fat. There are various types of lipoma fatty tumors, however, all are formed deep below the skin and present as lumps of soft tumors that are visible above the skin. Although fatty tumors do not usually cause pain or discomfort, if the tumor is compressing nerves or muscles other complications may arise. It is important, at the very least, to have lipoma fatty tumors confirmed and rule out other forms of malignant tumors. Dr. Kayal is a fully certified dermatologists and skin cancer specialist, as well as being one of the few experienced Mohs surgeons in the Atlanta area. Whether you just want to confirm a fatty tumor or have your lipoma removed, Kayal Dermatology is the number one choice for skin related conditions in Atlanta. Contact our office today to schedule an apppointment reagrding lipoma.