Pruritis is severe itching of the skin, which can stem from a number of medical conditions and requires expert diagnosis. In order to correctly diagnose pruritus, the condition must be assessed by examining two distinct groups of probable cause. Generalized pruritus deals with itch that is caused by medication, aquagenic pruritis (caused by the presence of moisture), dermatological conditions, or idiopathic diseases. The second group is localized pruritus, which is caused by notalgia paraesthetica, or brachioradial pruritis.

As both groups specifically deal with conditions related to or affecting the skin, a general practitioner is more likely to misdiagnose the problem. Dr. Kayal has extensive knowledge of and experience in treating skin conditions, including pruritus. The treatment plan you receive will wholly depend on the cause of your pruritis. However, Dr. Kayal will carry out a logical series of tests to establish the cause of the problem before treatment begins.

Treatment for Severe Itching

The first aspect of treating pruritis is identifying the underlying cause. For instance, if the itching is caused by an allergic reaction to medicines or any other substances, primary treatment will involve prevention. Additional treatment may include medications or creams which target the cause of itching and provide relief. Consideration is also given to stress related itching, or parasitosis (A psychological disorder where the sufferer has delusions of parasites on or under the skin). In the chase of psychological disorders, antipsychotic medications may be prescribed combined with a referral to a qualified psychologist.

As there are so many possible conditions which can result in severe itching, you should contact Kayal Dermatology as soon as possible for an appointment. Serious conditions, such as brain tumors or dementia, can produce symptoms which present as pruritis before the sufferer’s condition has been diagnosed.