Impetigo mainly affects children and is one of the most contagious skin conditions among children. This medical condition is more common among children due to their propensity for coming into contact with bacteria. As they explore their environment, children tend to touch and eat everything they encounter. The bacteria which causes impetigo are extremely common, which means they are present in the home, at school, in parks, and pretty much anywhere else you bring your child.

Impetigo Causes & Symptoms

There are two bacteria which cause impetigo: streptococcus pyogenes and staphylococcus aureus. It is important to first identify which bacteria is causing the infection before treatment begins. Dr. Kayal uses only the most technological advances in diagnosis and treatment, which ensures that patients at Kayal Dermatology are afforded the best care possible. Our team are not only medical professionals, but understand that children deserve a higher level of care.

Bacterial Skin Infection Treatment

Staphylococcus and Streptococcus are the two most common bacterial skin infections. However, there are other bacteria which can also cause skin infections. Most skin infections are fairly mild but may result in scarring if the infection is not treated. More serious skin infections can actually cause serious ill health or prove fatal. As the symptoms of most bacterial infections present in much the same way, it is important to treat all skin infections as potentially serious.

Kayal Dermatology can provide you with a course of treatment which will reduce the risk of scarring or complications arising from an untreated infection. Dr. Kayal will also seek to establish whether there are underlying health issues which are making you susceptible to bacterial skin infection. For infections which have caused serious damage to the infected area, surgery may be required. Dr. Kayal will remove all infected or dead tissue, leaving only healthy, infection free tissue. Contact Kayal Dermatology today to book an appointment.