Fungal Infections

Athlete’s foot, ringworm and yeast infections are all examples of fungal infections. Fungi are living organisms which produce spores that spread through the air. The type of infection is wholly dependent on which type of fungi you have come in contact with. As such, each type of fungal infection is treated differently. Furthermore, in order to ensure that a fungal infection doesn’t reoccur, other contributing medical conditions must be addressed.

Kayal Dermatology can identify the type of fungal infection you have, as well as determining any underlying cause. We can treat the infection and offer advice on how to ensure that it doesn’t return. Dr. Kayal will consult with you and arrange a treatment plan which suits your individual needs to limit the impact on your day-to-day life.

Causes, Symptoms, Treatment of a Fungal Infection

If the spores of fungi are inhaled or land on your skin, you may develop a fungal infection. People with a compromised immune system are much more susceptible to fungal infections, as are people who are taking antibiotics to treat an unrelated condition. With that in mind, fungal infections are caused by a combination of things. Healthy people are less likely to develop a fungal infection, even if they come into contact with a large number of spores.

Itchy, red, inflamed or scaly skin may indicate that you are suffering from a type of fungal infection. There are various treatments for fungal infections which come in the form of medicine, sprays, creams, and even shampoos. However, as an aid to treatment, Kayal Dermatology will help you identify any underlying issues you may have which contributed to the development of a fungal infection. During your treatment, we will take the time to understand your other worries and health concerns so that you can address any issues which may have allowed a fungal infection to take hold. Contact us today to schedule your consultation regarding a fungal infection.