Elizabeth J. Haynie - estheticianAn Esthetician is a fully licensed skin care therapist. Licensing requires completion of a maximum of 600 hours study with a written, practical or hands-on exam. Certification then requires continuing education in order to stay abreast of skin care techniques and products.

Esthetic services include a variety of cosmetic treatments. Our Medical Esthetician works closely with Dr. Kayal in the ultimate treatment treatment of skin conditions and is actually an extension of Dr. Kayal’s services.

Elizabeth J. Haynie is our Esthetician - Elizabeth studied Biology at Georgia Southern and completed nearly 1,000 hours of study at The Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics, a facility that won an award as a “School of Distinction” by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools & Colleges of Technology; ACCSCT. She received her diploma in 2008 and holds several additional certifications in continuing education.

Elizabeth’s background includes key roles as a Lead Esthetician, extensive guest relations experience, and overall spa operations. Her passion is skin care and cosmetic treatments. Elizabeth is committed to her profession and relishes the opportunity to help her patients achieve their cosmetic goals. She is personally gratified to be able to impact her patients’ lives as a result of her training and experience. Elizabeth’s commitment goes beyond patient care to include skin treatments, make-up application, and general skin consultations for events such as wedding celebrations, professional photography shoots, as well as community health fairs.

Elizabeth’s reputation, proven techniques, and knowledge are constantly hailed by her established clientele and an ever growing patient population. In her free time, Elizabeth spends time with her family and friends in the Atlanta area.