Dysplastic Nevus

More often referred to as an atypical mole, dysplastic nevi differ in appearance from moles you would normally see. The moles are usually larger and differ in color from common moles. They are typically multicolored, or light pink to dark brown in color. With this medical condition, the most common areas affected are the trunk of the body for men and around the calves for women. Although atypical moles are benign, they are more likely to develop into melanoma skin cancer. People who have multiple atypical moles run a greater risk of developing melanomas, so it is essential that you have your moles checked regularly at Kayal Dermatology.

The first line of defense against dysplastic nevi progressing to melanoma is self-examination. If you begin to develop atypical moles, or existing moles change in shape or color, make an appointment with Dr. Kayal right away. The frequency of checkups will depend on what is discovered during assessment. Dr. Kayal will then recommend an appointment schedule so that he can check the moles for any concerning changes.

Atypical Mole Removal

Removing atypical moles has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of melanoma. Kayal Dermatology uses advanced surgery procedures which allow us to remove atypical moles without damaging healthy tissue. Dr. Kayal is an expert in the field of skin cancer detection and treatments. When you consult Kayal Dermatology, we will walk you through not only what we can offer you in terms of treatment, but what you can do to ensure that atypical moles do not develop into melanoma skin cancer.

Dr. Kayal is on numerous skin cancer research boards and is one of the most experienced Mohs surgeons in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He has dedicated his career to helping skin cancer sufferers make a full recovery. All the team at Kayal Dermatology are experienced medical professionals. We want our patients to feel at ease throughout any course of assessment or treatment. If you are concerned that you may have atypical moles, don’t delay...contact Kayal Dermatology today for an appointment.