At Kayal Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists, we are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal skin health at every stage of life. However, we also value the importance of helping patients feel confident in their skin too. Our cosmetic services are designed to do just that. Our Marietta dermatology practice is proud to extend our full menu of noninvasive cosmetic procedures to include the innovative CoolSculpting technology. With CoolSculpting, patients can safely reduce unwanted fat without needles or surgery. In fact, our advanced fat freezing methods are convenient and comfortable, requiring no social downtime or painful recovery.

If you have stubborn areas of fat that seem to be resistant to diet and exercise, CoolSculpting could be an excellent solution for you. Dr. Kayal is an experienced and highly respected dermatologist that only invests in proven technology that is safe and FDA approved. The Zeltiq CoolSculpting technology is considered a breakthrough treatment for those that want to get rid of unwanted fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, flank area (“muffin top” or “love handles”), thighs, chin or upper arms.
CoolSculpting procedure

How Does Fat Freezing Work?

CoolSculpting is a highly advanced technology that relies on cryolipolysis, a proven scientific idea that uses cold to target and destroy fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin or tissues. CoolSculpting involves a safe and controlled cooling application to gently target fat cells underneath the skin. During the treatment, patients can comfortably read, take a nap or scroll through their smartphone as they wish.

After the procedure, the treated fat cells are crystallized or frozen, which causes them to die. In the coming weeks, your body will naturally process and eliminate these dead fat deposits, creating a more confident and sculpted you. While full results won’t be attained until about 90 days after your CoolSculpting session, you can expect an effective, long-term solution from this fat reduction technology.

Are you a candidate for Zeltiq Fat Freezing using CoolSculpting technology? Contact Kayal Dermatology & Skin Cancer Specialists today to schedule your consultation. CoolSculpting relies on sound science and is backed by years of research and multiple peer-reviewed publications by the country’s leading doctors.

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Before & After Photos

Before and after photoResults may vary

Before and after photoResults may vary

CoolSculpting before and after photoResults may vary