Chemical Peels

Light Peels or “Lunchtime peels” can be performed in the office in less than half an hour. You can return to work with just a slight pink glow. These peels are helpful in reducing the visible signs of aging such as early wrinkles and brown spots and superficial keratoses. They are also beneficial in reducing the redness from resolving acne breakouts. This superficial peel is suitable for all skin types.

The light peel creates minimal discomfort and no down time. These peels are generally in the $100.00 range.  Depending on the degree of damage and improvement desired, two to five peels might be required. These can be scheduled as close together as 2-week intervals. Call to schedule yours today.

Medium Depth- This peel is custom blended by Dr. Kayal depending on your skin type and the degree of sun-damage you have. It is beneficial in reducing the damage from years of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The medium depth peel removes most brown spots, fine lines and even some early precancerous lesions.

This peel requires you to take a week to ten days away from the public eye, but the dramatic results are well worth it. Normal activities can be continued, as post procedure discomfort is usually minimal. A consultation is required prior to scheduling this rejuvenating procedure.