Basal Cell Carcinoma

Although it is the most common form of skin cancer, Basel Cell Carcinoma is not usually life threatening. However, this medical condition can cause serious disfiguration which can be corrected through surgery. Basil Cell Carcinoma (BCCs) affects the epidermis layer of skin with symptoms presenting as open sores, growths, scarring and other abnormalities. Frequent exposure to the sun is the most common of BCCs, which is why it is the most frequently occurring type of skin cancer.

At Kayal Dermatology, we specialize in the identification and treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma. If you have developed open sores which do not appear to have been caused by injury, we recommend contacting Kayal Dermatology for a consultation. Dr. Kayal is one of only a handful of Mohs in Atlanta, Georgia who specializes in treating skin cancers. The team at Kayal Dermatology are dedicated medical professionals who will provide you with the best care available.

Basal Skin Cell Cancer Treatment

Dr. Kayal performs Mohs Micrographic Surgery in the removal of Basil Skin Cell cancer. This advanced type of surgery greatly increases your chances of a fast recovery. There are many surgeons and dermatologists who are Mohs certified. However, very few surgeons have actually achieved certification through attending college. Instead the certification is earned by taking a two-day course, which means that the surgeon must increase skill levels through operating on paying patients. Dr. Kayal is a college certified surgeon and specialist in Mohs surgery.

If you want to receive the best Basal Skin Cell Cancer treatment using the most advanced Mohs Micrographic surgery, contact Kayal Dermatology to discuss treatment options. This type of surgery allows Dr. Kayal to remove tumors at the root, ensuring that healthy tissue is left intact. We will provide you with all the pre and post-surgery information you need, which will help take away a lot of the stress and worry associated from suffering from skin cancer.